Title: OWOW.io

Type: Web development and administration

Team: OWOW



Human Decoder

Data Orchestra

Website and webshop for the OWOW midi instruments

After staying in contact with OWOW after my internship, I have worked together with them more closely on several projects. One of the first large ones was OWOW’s own website. It has since developed a lot in cooperation with other web-developers at OWOW. While maintaining a simple front-end, the website is complicated and includes a lot of systems to keep it optimized as wel as make the sale of the OWOW midi instruments possible.

The website was instrumental in the collection of leads and provision of information to make theĀ kickstarter for one of OWOW’s instruments a success.

Building this website was a great test for my web developing abilities at the time, and maintaining a website of this complexity was a great challenge. However, the main experiences gained was the prolonged collaboration with OWOW, allowing me to learn about working with and for clients.

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