Data Orchestra

Title: Data Orchestra

Type: Art project

Team: Jelle Mastenbroek, OWOW


Human Decoder

The Human Decoder using the value of personal data to create music and awareness<

Data orchestra is a project that started with my internship at OWOW and grew out to something much more. With humble beginnings in the OWOW office it has been exhibited several times at on the DDW (even as a curator’s choice right in front of Het Klokgebouw), TEDx Amsterdam and Milano Design week. The project won the Milano Design award for best Technology during the 2016 Milano Design week.

What started as a set of solenoids on a table soon grew to a room, shipping container and even an entire warehouse during the 2017 DDW called “The Entrance” in which Jelle Mastenbroek, Sander Wassink and I made objects from nearly every designer in Sectie C into an enormous musical symphony.

Influential companies collect more and more data subsequently to trade them. Indirectly personal details serve as a new sort of currency and are therefore not personal anymore. Data Orchestra achieves the contrary with the same input; it rewards the right holder. With an intimate and personalized living room concert that enriches the identity. Is this the essential difference henceforth to give personal information with greater care?

Data Orchestra as Curator’s choice at DDW 2016
Electronics for “The Entrance” by yours truly
Another incarnation close to the data orchestra, golden plates playing “Het Wilhelmus” when called. Exhibited in paleis Soestdijk


The Milano Design award