Loopende Band

Title: Loopende Band

Type: B2.1 project

Team: Bart Jakobs


Data Orchestra

Human Decoder

A different take on creating music trough physical interaction, providing endless possiblities

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Loopende Band was my third Industrial design project. The project was called: “Group music improvisation systems“ It tasked my group and me to design a new way of creating and improvisingmusic together with others.Together with Bart Jakobs I created the “Loopende Band”, a physical music sequencer.
It consists out of a conveyor belt one measure long. Users are able to place marbles on the conveyor belt, as soon as they fall off they trigger a sound, this way a melody can be made. After the marbles have fallen the machine will put marbles back on the conveyor belt in exactly the same place in the measure as where you left them.

The Loopende Band
The Loopende Band

This way sets of samples could be triggered using MIDI. Because the Loopende band has 7 triggers, it can cover one octave on an instrument. But the loopende band also served well as drum machine, as it would loop a beat that can be dynamically altered.The loopende band offers a way to create looping music using a real, physical interaction with the music. By being able to see one bar and one octave at all times it is very easy to very creatively interact with music.

The Loopende Band in use
The Loopende Band in use