Complexity trough Simplicity

Crowd Sourcing Forest Fire Extinguishing
Type: B2.2 Assignment
Team: Guus de Jonge

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This assignment had an approach very similar to my other assignment this semester. There was one week of theory and one week of putting this theory in practice. My main reason for choosing this assignment is finding the connection between DMM and Industrial Design. I think the assignment delivered in making this connection. Especially the first week was very interesting to me, the lecture- and paper-heavy hours showed me many interesting and practical applications of mathematical models. The complex, organised chaos that multiple agents with simple rules can cause goes to show that complex problems can be tackled if broken up into multiple small pieces.
After the first week put me on track I got the change to explore modelling myself, so I teamed up with Guus de Jonge. As a team we set out to use Netlogo to create a model and see for ourselves how simple rules can create a complex reality.

We learned to use NetLogo to make multiple iterations of a forest fire extinguishing system, Netlogo allowed us to make small changes and repeatedly test what would work and what wouldn’t. The quick trial and error method appealed to us as we found it very useful to communicate our ideas to each other as well as to other students, which I think can be invaluable in a designing process.