My future after the study is quite concrete! I’m going to work 4 days and invest all my other time in BasB Design.



I’m taking a position as head of front-end design at OWOW. I will be leading efforts in the creation of websites, social media and online marketing. I’m incredibly excited by this opportunity, working together with OWOW so far has been a dream so far and I can’t wait to continue along this road.

Next to work in front-end design, we will be continuing development on the Growth platform that has been my FMP. We really believe in the innovativity of the platform and have seen a market demand for it. On the short term we will be assembling a team and are aiming to get started on building in Q3 of 2018 and steadily make the platform into an internally useful system initially and then continue developing it into a client facing platform

The OWOW team



Working at OWOW will be 4 days a week, leaving me with 3 days to continue work on installations and other physical objects. I’m actively working with Daniel de Bruin to improve upon the Neurotransmitter 3000. The Data Orchestra in collaboration with Jelle Mastenbroek will also continue development as we’re closing in on the Milano Design Week. Many more chances are materialising as I’m nearing the post-studying life and i’m very excited for what’s to come.