I was born in 1994 in Bergen op Zoom and grew up in Ossendrecht, near the Belgian border. After finishing Gymnasium at Het Juvenaat in Bergen op Zoom, I moved to Eindhoven, to attend the Technical University of Eindhoven, and see what all this “dutch design” fuss is about.

Since I was young, I only wanted to be one thing when I grow up: Inventor. Sadly, it turned out that inventor isn’t really an actual occupation, so I had to settle for the next best thing: Industrial Designer. Eindhoven seemed to be the perfect place to start. I need an amount of freedom in order to find my way in the world, but I also noticed I need guidance to have to wisdom to take a step back at the right moment to reflect and plan ahead.



I started the Bachelor program of Industrial design in 2012, this took me three and a half years to complete. It turned out calculus wasn’t my strong suit, I could only start the process of graduating after I finally finished calculus, and due to unlucky timing, this left me with a semester where I only followed a calculus course, that I finished in the first quartile. Because of a healthy “fake it till you make it” attitude and a lot of luck, I acquired a contract to create the website of BigMove, a healthcare company in Amsterdam. Up to this point, all my design experience was confined in the safe walls of the TU/e. This was the first time I got to work in the “real world” and I got to apply everything I learned about design and user focus to the new-to-me world of webdesign and development.



With this experience under my belt, I went to OWOW to apply for an internship. Their musical know-how spoke to me, and they needed someone to develop a data driven orchestra and a few websites, perfect for me. After the internship I stayed in close contact with OWOW, and I got to experience more and more how to take the lead on a project, eventually also leading others to collaborate on a project. Letting go of a project and dividing it up was the hardest thing for me to learn, but the excellent guidance and atmosphere at OWOW, combined with the simple fact that I did not have enough time to do all the work on my own, made short work of this. I feel this has matured me as both a designer and an entrepreneur.


BasB Design

Further developing this entrepreneurial spirit, I started my own company in Q3 of 2016. BasB Design is my excuse to take up as many interesting projects as I can on the least amount of sleep I can stand. From prototyping to 3D CAD design to websites to packaging design to typesetting, I tried as many things that piqued my interest as possible.



Of course, not all of this was as easy as this text makes it seem, there was a lot of stumbling and getting up. The hardest objective for me was to divide my time between work and study. The work I was doing was fun, but realistically I wouldn’t be able to live from it if i added it all up. I needed to explore further what I actually wanted to be doing later, so I started the Industrial Design Master program, with the overarching goal being: to find out how I can turn what is now basically a hobby into a living and take this opportunity to add a unique scientific basis to my skillset, in search of that edge over the competition.

It is unlikely that I get the possibility to dive this deep into research again so what came out of my FMP always had to be something i could launch a career from.



Below are all projects, assignments and electives that made the development I made as a student, designer and entrepreneur possible. I included the deliverables and separate reflections if they weren’t already included.



BBeacon – Responsive Environments Report
DEM113 – Design Innovation Strategies Presentation
DHM310 – Constructive Design Research Poster Reflection
Ambient-Mapping – CRIGS Report Reflection
DAM110 – Activating your Innovation Radar Report
Growth Report under NDA
DDM110 – Design for behavioral change Report Reflection




Froque – Will-o-the-Whisp Wandering Report
DG101 – Cardboard Modeling Poster 2 Poster 2
DG605 – Sound Design Reflection
Pablob – Smart Sleep Report
DG104 – Panamarenko Report
DG308 – Discrete Interaction Design Report
Loopende Band – GMIS Report
DG123 – Making Materials Report
DG409 – Design for the Environment Reflection
Print ‘n Press – Crafting Stories Report
DG622 – Exploring Intuitive and Aesthetic Interaction Reflection
DG703 – Complexity through Simplicity Report Reflection
Internship Report
E-Xplore – Design for Creatives Report
DAB911 – Exploratory Sketching Reflection
DEB913 – Designing Tangible Business Models Report Reflection