Title: Photography

Type: Skill



3D modeling

Making photos of prototypes, people and mockups

Photography is something I picked up along the way at Industrial design in the creation of evidence and deliverables. I’ve always done graphic design work, and having good source files to work with is a huge plus. I wouldn’t exactly call myself adept at it, but I know enough about basic lighting and camera technique to make solid functional visuals. My hardware is simple, but the best camera is the one you have with you. Ever need a camera? Get a cheap Nikon DSLR with the 35mm 1/1.8f prime lens, you’ll never look back.

All photos in this website are made by me unless otherwise noted, I hope you enjoy them.

The Growth Platform
Exhibiting in Paleis Soestdijk with Jelle Mastenbroek
Streets of Milano during the design week
Witte de withstraat, Rotterdam
A Neurotransmitter 3000 rider in Linz, Austria