In my Final Bachelor semester at Industrial Design I reflected on and planned my growth following the ID competence framework. At the start of this semester I made a Development Plan, looking back at my previous semesters and planning growth for the final one. You can read an elaborate reflection on this semester and find the Personal Development Plan in the following links.

Reflection on Final Bachelor

Personal Development Plan

In this plan I have formulated a number of goals to make sure that I develop my overall design competency to keep up with the fast-changing design world. The goals also make sure I achieve enough growth to graduate my Industrial Design bachelor at the Eindhoven University of Technology. To look back on my development this semester, I will reflect on all goals formulated in my PDP in the same order.


Have physical explorations of the project at the demo-days

I think including this goal like this was a pretty rash decision. The project I did this semester (E-xplore) was very digital-driven and forcing it to be physical subtracted from the concept of the idea. Instead of doing physical explorations in the project, I had lots of opportunities to do this both in my assignments and in my extra-curricular work at OWOW.


Do weekly reflections with coach. Approach others to help with feedback and reflecting

After the initial exploration week of Design for Creatives Some I conspired with some students to create a feedback group. We had weekly meetings troughout the semester, which helped them and me to plan ahead for the next week and look back on what we did the last one, each week. Next to this I attended the weekly group meetings with my project-coach as much as possible or plan individual coachmeetings if not possible.

Next to this, I talked to my user group (Designers and Design students) all troughout this semester, at different points is the process. This sometimes made process pretty hard, because of all the conflicted opinions I got (sometimes my coach expressed interest in the exact opposite of what my usergroup wanted). But I also really believe that this has enhanced the process of creating the E-xplore system and made future steps all the way up until now easier and more accurate to make.


Have interactive prototype to show already during the mid-term demo days

This goal is pretty self evident. Halfway trough the semester I already had a system that could retrieve images based on any search query. Which only expanded and expanded toward the final demo-day.

My internship was the first time I got to do serious coding in an Industrial Design project. I made this goal mainly to not lose touch with all the lessons I learned related to arduino and programming in general. My idea for the project however went far above and beyond this. The nature of the concept I wanted to develop required me to work on programming a lot and encouraged me to make significant steps in using processing in making my ideas interactive. I feel far more comfortable programming now than before I started working on my final bachelor project, which I feel will be very valuable in the future.


Graphic Design
Do at least two commissioned graphic design projects

During the lasts semesters I’ve become pretty comfortable in working with or for companies on graphic design projects. This really helped me reaching this goal this semester. In the Graphic section you can see all the recent graphic design work I’ve done. To name two for this goal: theCodeTribe and the SVN yearbook 2015/2016.


Exploratory Sketching: Gain confidence in using sketching in exploration and communication
Designing Tangible Business Models: Find creativity in business models

You can read how I worked on (and, in my opinion, achieved) these goals in their respective reflections

Exploratory Sketching

Designing Tangible Business Models


Work on reflections with third-parties. Plan what to do after the bachelor

The condition i got this semester was of course a big point of attention this semester. With the educational system changing with less one-on-one coaching I had to come up with a plan. How can i reflect and, maybe more importantly, look forward? The plan took the shape of a student collective weekly meeting. In which we looked back on the week and made plans for the upcoming one. I also started working on this showcase much earlier than I otherwise might have. Which causes this portfolio to be much more exhaustive and feature much more projects much more accuratly than a showcase made in one week.

After the bachelor I have decided to start the Industrial Design master. After much consideration, I have decided that I really like the freedom the program gives me and seems to be giving to new masters. This allows me to continue my work with OWOW and further develop as a well rounded designer, which I believe has to happen outside the study as well as inside it.