Ambient Mapping

Title: Ambient Mapping

Type: M1.2 Project

Solo project





Practical Exploration of Supporting Rich Interactions in Growing Systems by Adapting Tangible Interaction to Surroundings

This Project explores the concept of “Ambient Mapping” and its value as a mechanism for supporting Rich Interaction in growing systems. By exploring the concept itself and applying it to a multitude of theoretical scenarios, a practical experiment is defined and performed. The goal of this experiment is to illustrate the value of Ambient Mapping in the defined context. The paper expands on why a term like Ambient Mapping is missing from current literature, how to apply Ambient Mapping, what the value of Ambient Mapping is and how to further define it with practical applications.

As this project was my research semester, it allowed me to look very far into the literature surrounding Rich Interaction. Resulting in the interactive prototype you see below. Rich Interaction made a lot of intuitive sense to me and is definitely something I have been taking with in subsequent projects, explicitly or implicitly.

The interactive multiuser prototype
The interactive multiuser prototype
The initial single user pantograph concept
Sketches made to support the project